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Faomasi’s intervention at Hilisalawa


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Le village traditionnel d’HILISALAWA

This village, situated in the mountains at a distance of 7 kms from Teluk Dalam, can only be reached over the last 3 kms by a narrow, very slippery path in the middle of the forest and of fields for cultivating rice.

The 112 inhabitants have neither water nor electricity.

On the 28th of March more than half the houses were destroyed. 8 months after the earthquake not a single tent had arrived at the village. 2 to 3 families share those houses that were spared.

Faomasi’s intervention at Hilisalawa

Distribution of food

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Distribution de nourriture.

90 kilos of rice, 50 cans of tuna, 120 packets of pasta.

Help with schooling :

- 4 young people are being educated : Robertus, Suterlina, Famatoro and Sucy.

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Each of these young people sent a letter of thanks to the donors.

Help with medical care :

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Suterlina a été soignée et scolarisée par Faomasi.

Suterlina (17) who is tubercular was able to have X rays at Gunang Sitoli.

Faomasi paid for transport and X rays. She is now in the care of a doctor who lodges with Rupawan.

Health care has to be paid for in Indonesia and so Suterlina’s family was unable to consult a doctor.