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Thank you letter from Sutelina

Thank you letters.

We asked each person we had helped to write a letter of thanks so that we could pass it on to the donor. We received 4 letters in Indonesian at the beginning of January. There are still 3 left to translate.

Sister Claudette of the Jeanne Delanoue community who lives in Sumatra, passes the translations to us via the internet. Our thanks to her.

Here is Suterlina’s letter translated into English followed by the original in Indonesian for those who understand it !!

Bawomatalowo, 11 December, 2005.

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I, the undersigned, Suterlina

Class:1 School : SMP (middle school)

To the Faomasi Help Committee, with respect. My aim is to thank you, Madame Catherine, for your attention and the help we have received from you, especially for the hospital costs, schooling and school equipment.

This is why in my own name I offer thanks to the very great God for this help.
I can offer nothing in return except to hope that your body and mind will be protected from all harm and all accident.
Here is my letter.

May God protect us and if there are faults in this letter I would ask you to forgive me. Thank you.
I would like also to say it to you in the Nias language : Saoagölö.

With respect . Suterlina.

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Lettre de Suterlina en indonésien.