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Back to school in june

I have just received the account of the schooling which Faomasi was able to pay for from the start term in June 2006 thanks to gifts received since November 2005.

Rupawan drew up very full analyses with the names of the young people involved, their gender, age, village, place of schooling, class, number of children and their position in the family.

He then described the family’s situation : whether the parent was single, whether the child was orphaned.

Here follows a brief summary :

120 young people were able to return to school in June 2006 thanks to Faomasi.

69 girls and 51 boys

68 mothers and 48 fathers bear sole responsibility for the support of their family

1 young person is an orphan

There are 16 schools involved : 3 primaries, 7 Colleges (early years of secondary), 4 General Studies Lycees (senior years of secondary) and 2 Technical Colleges.

9 children from the Teluk Dalam refugee camp are at primary school (SDN)

65 young people are in the first years of secondary school (SMP)

22 young people are in the senior years of secondary school (SMA) and 24 are at technical college (SMK) : in all 46 young people are engaged in completing their studies.

The youngest of the 9 children in primary school is 7 ;

Those finishing their studies are 18-19 years old.

Schooling per month  :

For the Primary school : 2 €uros.

For the College : 3 €uros.

For the Lycee : 4 €uros.

Family situations are very variable and this summer we will draw up a more accurate analysis of the greatest needs of each student who is being supported for the whole year 2006-2007.

We decided with Rupawan to help those children as a priority whose parents are in an extremely difficult situation (116 out of the 120 are single fathers or mothers) and we preferred to enable most students to complete an education which had already begun.

As usual we regulate all purchases and oversee the education of all the young people who are being helped by Faomasi.

Rupawan approached all the schools and made all the purchases with the young people.

5 certificates were sent by directors of schools in which young people are being educated thanks to Faomasi.

You can see these at the end of this page, both as confirmation and so that you can see for yourself the importance of our actions for the schools concerned.

To help you translate :

terima kasih = thank you

yayasan Faomasi = Faomasi association.

It remains for us to mobilise ourselves everywhere in the world to allow the young people’s education to continue to the end of the school year.

We need not only gifts but sponsors.

Please spread the word around.

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SMP Swasta Mitra Kasih
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S.M.K. Swasta Kristen
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S.M.A. Negeri 3
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