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Faomasi’s intervention at Hilisalawa

HILISALAWA Le village traditionnel d’HILISALAWA This village, situated in the mountains at a distance of 7 kms from Teluk Dalam, can only be reached over the last 3 kms by a narrow, very slippery path in the middle of the forest and of fields for cultivating rice. The 112 inhabitants have neither water nor electricity. On the 28th of March more than half the houses were destroyed. 8 months after the earthquake not a single tent had arrived at the village. 2 to 3 families (...)

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Thank you letter from Sutelina

Thank you letters. We asked each person we had helped to write a letter of thanks so that we could pass it on to the donor. We received 4 letters in Indonesian at the beginning of January. There are still 3 left to translate. Sister Claudette of the Jeanne Delanoue community who lives in Sumatra, passes the translations to us via the internet. Our thanks to her. Here is Suterlina’s letter translated into English followed by the original in Indonesian for those who (...)

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World Food Program in Sorake (september 2005)

The 20th of September, a person from the capital Teluk Dalam employed for the occasion by the World Food Program came to collect data in Sorake. The volunteer from Teluk Dalam town who was representing the WFP, asked help to one of the villagers Siduhu Wau in order to collect data. Siduhu Wau with three other villagers have established a list of people according to their own research and to the non official “Sorake Relief Association” that was created in the aftermath of the (...)

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