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Nias, the abandonned island.

NIAS, the abandoned island .

This island is situated 125 kms. to the west of Sumatra (Indonesia), the site of the tsunami which took place in the Aceh region in December.

The Nias people have their own language called Nias but young people speak Indonesian which they learn at school and those in contact with tourists speak English.

Catholic, Protestant and Muslim communities live there side by side.

In the south of the island there is a site suitable for surfing (the Sorake beach) and some villages with houses built in traditional styles which attract the interest of tourists.

Nias did not experience much damage as a result of the tsunami of 26 December 2004. On the other hand the earthquake of 28 March 2005, registering 8.7 on the Richter scale, was a disaster.

Hundreds died in the ruins of their homes. In the south of the island in the region of Teluk Dalam, a tsunami followed 20 minutes later. Fortunately the inhabitants fled the moment it started and no one was killed despite the height of the wave (4 to 5 metres).

However all along the coast those houses which had not been destroyed by the earthquake were demolished by the tidal wave, which left boats shattered along the beaches.

We created this association to bring help to the population of the region of Teluk Dalam.

The name FAOMASI, which means « All Together » in Nias, was chosen by the people we interviewed and filmed. BERSAMA has the same meaning in Indonesian.