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About Faomasi


A French Association whose aim is to help the “ Forgotten people of the Tsunami ” on the south of the island of Nias.

Non-profit making organisation as defined by the French law of 1901. Itemised in the Journal Officiel, 3 September 2005, No.716.

The Aims of the FAOMASI-BERSAMA association.

Our aim is to help the neediest families in the south of the island of Nias.

Urgent help :

Purchase and provision of food (rice, baby milk, dried fish) and of water. - Help towards Education : purchase of uniforms, books and payment of school fees for those children who are not being educated at the present time.

Follow-up help :

Purchase of educational resources and of books for the schools affected by the catastrophes.

Construction of traditional wooden boats and of fishing nets made according to local needs by artisans from Nias. - Consolidation or reconstruction of houses damaged by the earthquake.


The forgotten people of the Tsunami A video made in August 2005 with the inhabitants of the refugee camp and fishermen from the South of the island. This film has enabled us to present the facts of the situation as they are on the ground.

Urgent help in September

In the camp of Teluk Dalam : Rupawan distributed in our name, 21 tents and 21 UNHCR cooking kits as well as food (rice, pasta and tins of tuna) bought by Faomasi.

In the village of Hilisalawa :

- Food distribution.

- Education for three young people : Suterlina, Robertus and Famatörö.

- Health care for Suterlina who is tubercular and cannot afford emergency treatment.

If you would like to join this solidarity movement you can :

Become a member of the association and receive updates on action taken for you to circulate.

The subscription is 7 €.

Make a donation towards one of our action plans.

Suggested Action :

Educational help

One year for a primary pupil : : 85€

One year for a student in the first years of secondary education : : 110€

One year for a student in the final years of secondary education : : 145€

One year for a student in the University : 190€

For all contacts : Faomasi-Bersama

At the home of : Ms Lucette Debray, Les Brunelleries, L’Auneau, apt. N°5


Tél. : (0033) 02 43 89 96 89

courriel :