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Hilisalawa is a remote village without road access or electricity. To reach the village which is located in the middle of the jungle, a good hour walk is needed on perilous tree bridges, through rice fields and other hazardous bits of path. When visited the 15th September 2005, the extremely friendly inhabitants had not received emergency shelters while half of the houses are down. By chance, the Palang Merah (Indonesian Red Cross) were collecting data the same day and the Spanish Red Cross nurse had carried health awareness campaign. She reported that the indigenous had little interest. Without running water living in the middle of the nature, the villagers’ priorities were a road or an electric system but the western advices about hygiene and health care did not seem very relevant to them. After understanding the needs of the community, the local low budget association Faomasi (who had carried food and conducted socialisation via songs with the children) decided on the spot to sponsor one children for emergency tuberculosis treatment and four other in need for scholarship.