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World Food Program in Sorake (september 2005)

The 20th of September, a person from the capital Teluk Dalam employed for the occasion by the World Food Program came to collect data in Sorake. The volunteer from Teluk Dalam town who was representing the WFP, asked help to one of the villagers Siduhu Wau in order to collect data. Siduhu Wau with three other villagers have established a list of people according to their own research and to the non official “Sorake Relief Association” that was created in the aftermath of the second tsunami to organise food distributions. From the hundred seventeen families living in Sorake, only thirty seven received food when the truck of the World Food Program arrived the 23rd of September. The president of the association and his relatives and all the families of the person involved in the data collection received aid. The day of the distributions, some villagers confiscated the waybill of the WFP staff. And from this document was observed that signatures of villagers had been faked and that much more food should have been handed to the villagers. The NGOs do not report such injustices and to a certain extend to paint the victims as savage can help to cover coordination mistakes (Copies of the waybills are available on request).