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Project for the construction of canoes.

Project for the construction of canoes in the South of Nias

This project to construct 120 canoes in the South of the island has been transferred to the SOLIDARITY-INDONESIA Association which may help us to finance it.

1. Number of canoes required The fishermen concerned are those whose fishing grounds are situated along the coast between Teluk Dalam and Sorake (a stretch of about 13 kms.) Rupawan had calculated that the number of canoes that are urgently needed amounted to a maximum of 120. Starting from this estimate, we fixed on the maximum number of canoes needed in each sector, going by the number of fishermen active in the area in the knowledge that we would be unable to satisfy all needs at once. Each canoe that we equip will be used by two fishermen. In each village we organised meetings with the heads of the village and the inhabitants in order to introduce Faomasi, which is now a Franco Indonesian association, to explain our aims and the way we function, as well as the help offered by Solidarity-Indonesia. Then we asked the fishermen to make out a list, according to the quota offered to their sector, with the names of fishermen and the type of canoes each used before the tsunamis. Each list drawn up amongst themselves will be passed on to us by the 2 or 3 fishermen in charge.

2. The cost of the canoes These canoes are made up of a base made out of a hollowed out tree trunk (perahu dasar) which has to be brought over from another island. The estimate which was given to us in September was 100. Next artisans construct the canoe from this hull base ; construction varies according to the type of canoe (with or without an engine). With Rupawan we contacted several artisans and the costs which we are giving may have to rise due to the high cost of petrol which particularly affects Nias because the island depends on transport for all its provisions. Rupawan is contacting more artisans to look for the most competent. Traditional canoe without an engine : cost of construction for a canoe of this type - 212. Traditional canoe with an engine : cost of construction for a canoe of this type - 327.

3. Sites of construction and materials on site There are sufficient carpenters on site and recruitment will be easy among qualified people who are currently out of work. They will have to be equipped with the tools they lost on 28 March but it isn’t necessary to build a workshop. Those artisans whom we consulted said that what would take most time would be passing on the order and receiving the wood necessary for construction. Once the wood is on site, it would be possible to construct about 20 canoes a month. It will be necessary to create shelters in 2 or 3 different places along the 13 kms of the coast concerned with the construction of canoes. We researched all these matters ourselves so as to avoid errors or misinformation. We noted all the information with the names of those whom we had contacted and, as is our practice, we took some photos. If construction commences we made clear to the fishermen that we would check all the names on our lists with them very carefully.

4. Prices of engines and nets Rupawan is finding out about prices in Medan (Sumatra) since this equipment is not available in Nias. As soon as we have this information we will be able to complete our dossier.