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The return to school.

Preparations for the beginning of the school term in June 2006

We resolved to draw up a list of 15 to 20 young people to be educated starting in June, according priority to families in the refugee camp at Teluk Dalam.

We organised a meeting in the camp to decide on the most needy children, some of whom lost their parents at the time of the earthquake.

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Réunion avec les réfugiés pour la rentrée de juin 2006.

At the moment we have a list of 14 young people in the camp.

We did not have enough time to refine this list and to return to take photographs of the young people.

This work will be completed by Rupawan who will take photos and send everything to us.

He will also visit isolated villages to help those families who are in the greatest difficulties following the quakes.

We met Suterlina (the first young person who was able to be educated through Faomasi and who is tubercular).

She is in better health but finds it difficult to take her medication regularly.

I spoke to the female doctor who is caring for her and she asked me to explain to her that she should look after herself.

Rupawan and I spent a long time taking this over with Suterlina who promised to do all she could to stay in better condition.

She is very thin and was very worried as to whether we would carry on helping her until her education is complete.

In the name of Faomasi I assured her that we would help her till her studies are at an end.

She found her smile again and posed beside me for a photo to be forwarded to you.

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Suterlina en février.

Lack of time prevented me from visiting the village of Hilisalawa and also because the rains were making the road difficult to use. I asked Suterlina to convey my regrets to the village people and promised to start off with a visit to them when I return this summer.

I did not meet Robertus, Famatoro and Sucy who are the three other young people from Hilisalawa being educated by Faomasi since September.

Suterlina’s fears and Sucy’s thank you letter make me think that we ought top arrange sponsorships so that these young people, for whom school is so important, can complete their education.